Who Are We?

STEVE D (vocals)

This musical career began in my hometown of Bromley as the bass player in a rhythm and blues band called ‘Plusupport’, whose only released recording was described by one reviewer as ‘Mod/R&B sound, like Dr. Feelgood on speed.’ Praise indeed. Someone has kept this alive by setting up a Facebook page.

I’ve been in other bands (both originals and covers), sometimes with Stevie H. I dabble as a guitarist and singer-songwriter and some of my songs and performances can be found on my not-very-well-kept-up-to-date YouTube channel.

Love singing. I put my guitar down in ‘The Echo’ as Stevie H is much better than me and it means I can prance about and pretend to dance.

STEVE H (guitar/vocals)

I like to play guitar at the weekend, in between rounding up stray cats, reading to old people and thinking up crap jokes. Once described by one of my many celebrity friends as being like ‘a young Hank Marvin on speed’ my favourite chord shifts between A and D depending on which strings are in tune. My vital statistics are 38, 30, 32.

GRAHAM (bass)
I started playing at about 14 when I bought a bass from a junk shop, I formed a school band with friends which lasted well into our late teens. I gave up for 24 years and only took bass back up when I met and became close friends with Clive our sound engineer. My biggest influence is Jean Jaques Burnel.

I would love to see world peace and Spurs win the title before my time is up.

OLLI (drums)

Drumming is my passion.
Rhythm is in my bones.
Ukulele is an instrument I wish I’d chosen to learn, would’ve been easier to transport.
More drums, the better!!!
Symbols!!! Ooops….. I mean Cymbals!!! 😛

I’m the youngest member of the Echo. Owner of the monster, over the top, spaceship like light up acrylic drumkit. Was asked to attend an audition for the band after the departure of their last drummer. Was given the job the same night so I must have done something right. Highlights in a short space of time of 12 months include playing with Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet, playing MainStage at Penn Festival and supporting From the Jam. I approach practices and gigs with a positive mental attitude and give 100% each time. I’m always looking to improve my playing doing this by attending masterclasses and lessons with pro drummers.

Come check out an Echo gig for onstage banter, up tempo tunes and the occasional chant of ‘RUDE BOYS’


CLIVE (sound engineer)
Clive , The Echo’s 6th and probably most important member of the band was voted most handsome by their fans in a recent poll. As their front-of-house engineer he is the driving force behind that Powerpop punch the fans come to expect.

RUPERT (saxophone)
Rupert joins us on stage from time to time.